2024 Tentative Schedule of Events

Southwestern Invitational


Thursday Evening

8PM Reception - Cocktails and Appetizers in the bar for all competitors. Early Registration will be available at this time. 

Friday Matinee

Estimated Start Time 10AM

Adult Solo Routines (Top Solo will be asked to perform in the evening session)
Pro-Am, Amateur and Collegiate American Rhythm Closed Single Dances (All CLOSED levels )
Amateur American Rhythm Single Dances 

Amateur Novice 2 and 3 Dance Events
Collegiate American Rhythm Single Dances (All Levels)

Pro-Am Closed American Rhythm Championships and Scholarships

Friday Evening

Nightclub Style  Single and Multi Dances and Country Western ( Theme: Denim and Diamonds )

Pro-Am and Amateur American Rhythm Open Single Dances  

Amateur Open Pre-Champ, 4 Dance and Open Senior American Rhythm Multi Dance Events
Pro-Am Open American Rhythm Championships

Dancesport Series Open American Rhythm Championships
Pro-Am Open American Rhythm Scholarships 
​Honor Dances (Winners of the Open Scholarships and Top Adult Solo)

Saturday Matinee

(Single Dances & Closed Multi Dance - American Smooth) 

Estimated Start Time 8AM

Pro-Am American Smooth Single Dances (Adult and Youth will be combined)
Amateur American Smooth Single Dances 
Collegiate American Smooth Single Dances
Amateur Novice 3 Dance and Open Pre-Champ American Smooth Multi Dance Events
Pro-Am Closed American Smooth Championships

Top awards for Preteen, Junior and Youth following the Sunday matinee session 

Saturday Evening

(Open Multi Dance, Closed and Open Scholarships, Pro Smooth and Latin, Pro Show - American Smooth) 

Estimated Start Time 7PM

Amateur Open, Pre-Champ, Open 4 Dance and Open Senior 4 Dance American Smooth Multi Dance Events
Pro-Am Open American Smooth Championships
Dancesport Series American Smooth Championships
Closed Pro-Am American Smooth Scholarships
Open Pro-Am American Smooth Scholarships
Open Professional American Smooth 
Open Professional International Latin

Open Professional Showdance

Sunday Matinee

Estimated Start Time 8AM (All kids events will dance during the matinee session)

Junior and Youth Formations and Solos (Preferred times may be requested. Please notate on entry form)
Pro-Am, Amateur and Collegiate International Ballroom Single Dances
Pro-Am Closed International Ballroom Championship Events
Amateur Novice and Pre-Champ International Ballroom Multi Dance Events​

Preteen, Junior and Youth Open International Ballroom Championships 

Pro-Am Latin Single Dances
Amateur Latin Single Dances
Collegiate Latin Single Dances
Pro-Am Closed Latin Championship Events
​Amateur Novice and Pre-Champ Latin Multi Dance Events​

Preteen, Junior and Youth Open Latin Championships 

Top Preteen, Junior and Youth Awards​

Sunday Evening

Estimated Start Time 7PM

Adult Amateur Open, Pre-Champ, Open 4 Dance and Open Senior 4 Dance Latin Multi Dance Events
Adult Pro-Am Open International Latin Championships
Dancesport Series International Latin Championships
Closed Pro-Am International Latin Scholarships
Open Pro-Am International Latin Scholarships

Adult Amateur Open Pre-Champ, Open 4 Dance and Open Senior 4 Dance Int Ballroom Multi Dance Events
Adult Pro-Am Open International Ballroom Championships
Dancesport Series International Ballroom Championships
Closed Pro-Am International Ballroom Scholarships
Open Pro-Am International Ballroom Scholarships

Open Professional American Rhythm
Open Professional International Ballroom

Special Exhibition  

Top Teacher Awards
Top Student Awards
Top Studio Awards

End of Competition. Farewell Party in the Whiskey Tango Lounge with games, yummy eats and drinks!